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Meet the Farmer

Hi, I'm Hillary!

Owner, Head Farmer, Jill of all Trades

I'm a first generation farmer, caught somewhere between a dreamer and a doer. A green thumb only through many failed attempts and always thinking up another project while halfway through the last one. A chronic list maker, and admittedly rarely found without being covered in dirt somehow. I love getting to work in the gardens all day making this little plot as productive as possible! 

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Meet the Fam


While I'm certainly the dreamer of the duo, Stephen has always been my feet on the ground. Endlessly supportive and willing to let me tear out *most* of the lawn, so long as the dogs still have room to fetch. After all, the less lawn he has to mow the better.

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Meet the Girls

Willow (top) and Daisy (bottom)

These pups definitely understand putting in a long days work as they are always right by my side every step of the way. You'll find them busily piling every ball, toy and stick they can find at the end of the rows, ready to fetch on a moments notice, or curled up under a shady bush waiting out the heat of the day.

Dogs 2.heic
Meet the Crew: Products
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