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Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Regenerative Agriculture

Healthy flowers starts with healthy soil

Here on the farm not a single seed goes into the ground without first considering the conditions from which it will grow. We strive to nourish, build and consistently improve our topsoil through incorporating lots of compost and organic matter, cover-cropping, and following no-till and no-spray farming practices. In turn, healthy soil fosters healthier, more robust and resilient plants that do not need conventional toxic pesticides and herbicides to thrive. We use only natural and organic inputs, many of which are made by hand right here on the property, such as compost tea fertilizer.

Following regenerative practices is what allows us to grow an abundance of blooms on such a small parcel. Thousands of flowers come off of less than 1/4 acre of cutting gardens each season! We are continually learning how to best tend to this little corner of earth. Every season we add more native plants and pollinator habitat to attract and feed our native birds and bees and increase biodiversity. 

Some varieties you'll find in our bouquets include yarrow, feverfew, cosmos, echinacea, lisianthus, peonies, zinnia, sunflowers, tulips, anenome, poppies, gladiolus, snapdragons, dahlias, celosia and so many more!

We encourage you to take the flowers you receive from the farm and, once they have been fully enjoyed, return them to a compost pile so that they may once again become part of the soil.

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